Non-sterilized cans

Non-sterilized cans are produced by lactic acid fermentation and do not undergo thermal processing, which means that they taste almost the same as fresh vegetables.

These cans include  pickled gherkins cornichons, green tomatoes, green and red peppers, cauliflower, okra, chilli peppers, carrots, sour garlic, chervil, sour cabbage, vine and cabbage leaves, etc. They are also sold as mixed pickles containing different vegetables or in proportions requested by the customer. We also take specific orders with customer recipes.

Pickles: drained weight 200 g and 400 g

Pickles: drained weight 200 g and 400 g

Sour cabbage: drained weight 4 kg

Mixed pickles: drained weight 1 kg

Chilli peppers: drained weight 200 g

Carrots and cauliflower: drained weight 400 g

Okra: drained weight 200 g

Apart from the regular products, the company offers custom-made products in compliance with the requirements of the customers.