Sterilized cans

Sterilized cans include roasted peeled peppers, whole tomatoes (red), lyutenitsa, compotes, etc. Particularly interesting is the rose petal jam made of Damask Rose, the most favourable weather conditions for which are in the Rose Valley of the Thracian Kings. An old Bulgarian recipe is used to make the jam of the petals of biologically pure damask roses.

These sterilized and non-sterilized products are sold in РVС packaging, in glass and РЕТ jars, in boxes, buckets, cans, etc. weighing from 0.2 kg to 150 kg.

Unpeeled whole tomatoes 720 ml

Roasted peeled peppers without vinegar 720 ml

Rose elixir 230 g

Rose petal jam 230 g

Spoonfuls of rose petal jam 10 g.

Apart from the regular products, the company offers custom-made products in compliance with the requirements of the customers.